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  Butch’s most recent honor was being named Artistic Director of the new Tamburitzans by its new organizational home, the Pittsburgh International Folk Arts Institute.   Throughout his illustrious entertainment career, he also recorded two albums with Orchestra Lole; created, produced and promoted several independence recordings – two cassettes (Nazdravimo and Kafana) and two CD’s (Nostalgia 1 and 2), a kolo cassette and two Italian tapes.   He helped others with recordings, such as Srcem I DuŠem by the Grasha Family.   Butch also received the TAA’s Founder Award at the Pittsburgh Extravaganza in 1988.    
Butch’s name is well known within the world of tamburitza music.   His music career spans 52 years.   An outstanding musician, Butch is an alumnus of the Duquesne University Tamburitzans from 1976 to 1980.   From 1983-2000, he spent 17 years entertaining people from all over the world through his employment with Disney/Epcot in Florida.   Butch used his background in tamburitza music to compose, arrange, produce and perform to reach a world outside of what many consider the usual tamburitza venue.   He also worked from 2000-2015 as the owner/partner of Accent Productions in Florida.   Walt Disney World and Busch Gardens were two of the large corporations he sold creative entertainment packages to.   Butch spent 30 years performing and working within the entertainment industry.
Butch’s entire life has revolved around his musical ability.   He got his start back in 1965 at the age of 7 with the Junior Duquesne Tamburitzans.   In 1976, he received a full scholarship with the Duquesne University Tamburitzans graduating in 1980.   In the early 80’s, he performed notably with Orchestra Lole.   He made two albums with them leaving a gift of music to the tambura community in timeless popular songs.
Butch brought to his life and career knowledge of the entire family of tamburitza instruments to include brac, prim, bugarija and cello.   To this list, add bass, guitar and outstanding accordion skills.   He also brings to his lifetime, musical career knowledge of producing, composition, sight reading, teaching, vocals and arrangements.   But had all of the tools required to build a foundation for his music career.   He also had the much needed ingredients for success in desire, personality and showmanship.   The kind of showmanship Butch exhibited required to be successful at Epcot he learned through years of performances before, during and after Duquesne University to connect with his audience.   There are no gaps in Butch’s lifetime of study, education, teaching and entertaining within the music industry.   He is an outstanding role model giving his skills to family, friends, community and beyond.
Butch is as comfortable on stage entertaining the public as he is at tamburitza events performing for concerts, dances, festivals, private gatherings or jam sessions.
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