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  Adam Christopher Chkautovich was born in June 1991 in St. Louis, Missouri, to Serbian and Croatian parents.   His roots trace back to Drivenik (Kvarner) on his maternal side, and to Mostar and the Sumadija region of Serbia on his paternal side.
Adam studied violin under Miran J. Viher, a Slovene and prior concertmaster with Zagreb, Buffalo, and Germany Philharmonic Orchestras, and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Adam was privileged to play a piece specifically composed for him by Mr. Viher, “Viher’s Lulaby”.
  Upon Mr. Viher’s death in 2002, Adam continued studies with Mr. John Crane, a student of Mr. Viher until 2006.   Adam supplemented his studies with Mr. Crane through additional instruction of Webster University Community Music School through the end of 2009.  
In addition to violin, starting in 2001, Adam has mastered the bugarija (kontra), brac and prim and, to a lesser degree, the bass.  He's participated as a member of --
    ♪  University City String Orchestra Ensemble of Webster University (2002 - 2007)
    ♪  St. Louis Youth People's Chamber Orchestra (2008 - 2009)
    ♪  Croatian Junior Tamburitzans of St. Louis (2001 - 2016)
    ♪  Tamburitza orchestras Dunav of Chicago and St. Louis orchestras Melodija, T.S. Domovina, Becari, and Novi Zivot.
Adam has also been featured and played with the following orchestras, performing at TAA and CFU events in Zagreb, Toronto, Belgrade, Guca, Dubrovnik, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Benld, Illinois.  
    ♪  Ansambl Triola (Belgrade)
    ♪  Orchestra Mladost (Chicago)
    ♪  KUD Abrasevic (Belgrade)
    ♪  KUD Janusevec (Brdovec)
    ♪  KUD Talija (Belgrade)
    ♪  Braca Orchestra (Chicago)
    ♪  New Stari Tamburasi (Omaha)
    ♪  Soko (Omaha)
    ♪  Stara Babas (St. Louis)
Outside of playing, Adam has provided individual lessons to children interested in advancing their skills.   In 2016, Adam became an assistant instructor of the Croatian Junior Tamburitzans of St. Louis.  He was a featured soloist in the Directors' Concert at the 2015 CFU Junior Festival.  He's in the process of archiving and re-orchestrating more than 400 full score pieces in the collection of the St. Louis Jr. Tambutitzans.   He has also assisted the St. Louis Junior Tamburitzans Boys' Combo.
Adam is a member of Orthodox Church choirs St. Nickola of Omaha, Nebraska, St. Basil of St. Louis, and Holy Trinity of St. Louis.  He is also the choir director for the Holy Trinity Serbian Church Choir and is digitizing two liturgical services for the choir.   Adam is also a member of the Serbian Singing Federation and Serbian Orthodox Choral Association and has had the privilege to direct mass choirs at several associated festivals.  
Adam has performed at academic, cultural, and civic events over the years.  Audiences included school children, corporate elite of St. Louis and the Midwest, public, and multicultural groups.  He has made appearances on local radio and television, and has several recordings to his credit including classical, Slavic, jazz, and American folk music.
He's composed more than a dozen original scores and songs for tambura, klapa, and choral groups.   Adam has also arranged music for the St. Louis Junior Tamburitzans, T.S. Domovina of St. Louis, and the up-and-coming Stara Babas Orchestra of St. Louis.
His interest in construction of tambura instruments led Adam to frequent discussions and visits with Milan Opacic (Schererville, Indiana) and luthier Sasha Radicich, Master Builder (St. Louis, Missouri).   Adam currently has a collection of 18 tambura instruments that include a 1935 Stjepan Gilg brac and a bass that has been with at least six different orchestras, originating with the Dasovich family in the early 1960s.
Congratulations Adam!
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